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The Diamond X-30N is a Vertical Dual-Band Antenna [2m/70cm] with N-type Connector.

The Diamond X-30N 2m/70cm Vertical. Source: Handelsonderneming Veenstra.


  • Operating Instructions [local]
  • Specifications [source]:
    • Frequency: 144 and 430 MHz
    • Gain: 3.0dB (VHF) to 5.5dB (UHF)
    • Max Power: 150 Watt
    • Length: 130 cm
    • Weight: 0.8 Kg
    • Rated Wind Velocity: 60m/sec.
    • Mast Diameter Accepted: 30-62mm diameter
    • Connector: N-Female
    • Type: Omnidoirectional 2×5/8, FRP Outersheel.


[20230125] – The Diamond X-30N mounted at GvL14. Source: Jan de Jongh.


[20230125] Inspection

As can be seen from the pictures above, quite some rust has accumulated on some of the bolts. More importantly, I’m no longer trusting the mechanical stability of the chimney that much. So in Summer 2023, I should spend some time on fixing this, or construct a new antenna mount altogether.