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The ICOM IC-2730E is a Dual-Band VHF/UHF Transceiver [2m/79cm].

The ICOM IC-2730E. Source: ICOM.

I bought the unit during a visit to JBE in Breda on [20230124]. I brought it home, soldered some way-too-large lugs to the power leads, hooked it up, connected the Diamond X30N, fired it up, made a qso with hans pa3gxj on the Delft repeater on 70cm and finished the initial deployment.



[20230124] – ICOM IC-2730E – IOC – The PSU connected and put back in place.
[20230124] – ICOM IC-2730E – IOC – The main unit.
[20230124] – ICOM IC-2730E – IOC – The main unit, controller and mike in context; the PSU is behind the main unit from this point of view.
[20230124] – ICOM IC-2730E – IOC – The controller and mike in context.