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In this section, I list the current and past instruments in my electronics lab. Each instrument type has its own dedicated page, on which I provide links to documentation (if available).

For certain instrument types, I own or have owned multiple units. The distinction between units is only made on the instrument-type specific pages; not here.

I wish I could, but due to copyright/legal reasons I cannot share all documentation I have available. If such is the case for a specific document, I (typically) refer to means to obtain the document yourself, for instance, from Artek Manuals [checked 20220915].

Power Supply Units

Analog Multi Meters

Digital Multi Meters

Function Generators

  • HP-3310B: 5 MHz Function Generator [disposed]
  • HP-8116A: 50 MHz Programmable Pulse/Function Generator [operational]
  • HP-3325B: Synthesizer/Function Generator [operational]

Signal Tracers

Frequency Counters

  • PA3GYF-FC-DCF77: Frequency Counter with DCF-77 Reference [disposed]
  • HP-5315A: 100 MHz Universal Counter [degraded]
  • HP-5316A: 100 MHz Universal Counter [operational]
  • HP-5328A: Universal Counter [operational; option XXX 020/021: broken]
  • Philips PM-6672: Timer/Counter [operational]


RF Power Meters

Spectrum Analyzers

  • HAMEG HM-5006: 500 MHz Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator [operational]
  • HP-141T: 18 GHz Spectrum Analyzer [unknown]
  • HP-70000: Modular Measurement System [hp70k-01: operational; hp70k-02: degraded]
  • HP-8566B: 22 GHz Spectrum Analyzer [degraded]

RF Signal Generators

  • HP-8663A: Signal Generator [operational]
  • HP-8350B: Sweep Oscillator [hp8350b-01: operational; hp8350b-02: unknown]

Selective Level Meters

Scalar Network Analyzers

  • Wiltron-560A: Scalar Network Analyzer [operational]
    • Wiltron 560-7S50-2: RF Detector [wiltron560-7s50-2-01: operational; wiltron560-7s50-2-02: operational]

DC Loads

Optical Instruments

Component Testers

  • EVB-ESR: Effective Series Resistance Meter [operational]

Verification and Calibration References

  • PA3GYF-GPSDOCXO-V1: GPS-Disciplined Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator [calibrated]
  • Electron Plus 389-2: 10V DC Reference [calibrated]
  • AD-584: 4-Channel 2.5V/7.5V/5V/10V High Precision Voltage Reference [ad584-01: operational; ad584-02: operational]

Software-Defined Radios


Matching Pads