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Ever since I was, I guess, thirteen or fourteen or even way before that, music has played an extremely important role in my life. I would listen to any music I liked, and, crucial, to music my friends liked.

I started playing guitar at the age of twenty (or thereabout), and up to this day invested in acquiring instruments that I wanted to play, in listening to new music, and in just playing and recording music. I played in a band named Stagefright, and later in the Trio Kolderique. Long after that, I invested in acquiring a bass guitar, an electric piano and mikes for recording (mostly) voice.

However, it did not take me that long to realize I lacked the talents to pursue a career in music, so I decided to just enjoy listening, playing and recording music as a hobby. And do other things in order to to make money.

This page and its subordinate pages hopefully do some justice to my passion for music. The Studio section goes into technical detail on playing and recording music; the Gear section describes the gear I own and use; the Software section describes the software I use (most); the Projects section describes some of my own musical projects, and, finally, the Great Music section describes my own personal taste in music.