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A Studio Zone in Woonkamer. At this time of writing, May 2023, it is my main Studio Zone for (playing/recording) my piano.

[20230523] – Studio Zone SZ-WK-SW-01 [foc] with Yamaha YDP-161. Source: Jan de Jongh.


  • Playing [standalone] piano.
  • Recording MIDI piano.
  • Recording [Audio] piano.
  • Playing piano as an external synthesizer over MIDI.


In the figure below, we show the most recent version of the SZ-WK-SW-01 Architecture.

Music – Zone – SZ-WK-SW-01 Architecture [V0.1].

At the heart of the SZ-WK-SW-01 Studio Zone is the Yamaha Arius YDP-161Electric Piano, which can operate as a standalone instrument for playing piano, either through its internal speakers or through its headphone connectors.

MIDI Connectivity over Ethernet for MIDI Recording and MIDI Playback is achieved through the Roland UM-ONE USB MIDI Interface and piano.jdj.

Audio Recording [over Network] through piano.jdj is still on the wishlist.

TODO / Wish List

  • Audio Recording [over Network].



  • [none]