Unit Key Data

  • Instrument: HP-5316A
  • Serial Number: XXX
  • Source: ebay/bpsgresale
    • ordered 20191004
    • delivered 20191107 [or close]
  • Pictures: XXX
  • Status:
    • [20210227]: [operational]

[20210406] Multi-Hour Performance Assessment

Although I’ve been using this unit for over a year by now, I never got to blogging its performance. Today, I connected the unit to the (GPS/PLL locked) 10 MHz GPSDOCXO Reference, and let both warm up for several (> 2) hours. (I had activated the channel-A attenuation.) The readout had stabilized at 10,000,013.4 Hz, in other words, within 1.4ppm:

The readout (after several hours) on the HP-5316A connected to the GPSDOCXO.

This is within (frequency) spec: The standard time-base accuracy is specified as within 5ppm over 0 to 50°C temperature range and the aging is within 0.5ppm/month (this, actually, is a beautiful figure; might consider to calibrate the time base).


Some more pictures are here.

As a side note: I really need to remind myself to use proper 50Ω feed-throughs since the HP-5316A does not have 50Ω inputs.