The HP-70000 (HP-70K; hp70k) is a Modular Measurement System.

The HP-70000. Credits: Abex UK.

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Manuals and Firmware



  • pa3gyf-hp70k-01 [operational]
    • pa3gyf-hp70206a-01
    • pa3gyf-hp70001a-01
      • pa3gyf-hp70900b-01
      • pa3gyf-hp70906a-01
      • pa3gyf-hp70902a-01
      • pa3gyf-hp70903a-01
      • pa3gyf-hp70300a-01
      • pa3gyf-hp70907a-01

  • pa3gyf-hp70k-02 [degraded]
    • pa3gyf-hp70004a-01
      • pa3gyf-hp70900a-01
      • pa3gyf-hp70904a-01
      • pa3gyf-hp70902a-02

[20210416] Checking Serial Numbers and Datacodes

Today I checked HP-70900 serial numbers, firmware datecodes and available RAM for both pa3gyf-hp70k-01 and pa3gyf-hp70k-02. No further action taken; pictures are here.

[20210504] Unpacking and Outside Pictures of pa3gyf-hp70902a-04

Today, I unpacked and took pictures of pa3gyf-hp70902a-04. The pictures are here.

[20210505] Disassembly and Inside Pictures of pa3gyf-hp70902a-04

Today, assessing the feasibility of the HP-70902A as a framework for building an HP-70000 MSIB monitor, I disassembled the pa3gyf-hp70902a-04. Soon I realized, due to the die cast metal framework, that the HP-70902A is not the ideal candidate I hoped it would be.

Pictures are here.

[20210507] Reassembly of pa3gyf-hp70902a-04 and Capturing its Serial Number

Today, I reassembled the pa3gyf-hp70902a-04 and captured its serial number (2725A01610).

[20210519] Unpacking and Outside Pictures of pa3gyf-hp70100a-01

Today, I unpacked and took pictures of pa3gyf-hp70100a-01. The pictures are here. The purpose of the purchase is to use the unit as a starting point for an MSIB monitor/extender.