I started smoking cigarettes and rolled tobacco at the age of fourteen (or so), so at around 1980. I managed to quit smoking between 1988 and 1990, but restarted smoking in 1990 while performing my mandatory military service, and did so until August 15th 2018, on which day I switched to vaping, after a visit to the Puff Store in Delft (Choorstraat). I visited that store merely out of interest, to figure out what vaping was all about, and what it could mean to me.

When I left the store, I had turned green due to a Nicotine overdose, since we (the fantastic lady at the store and me) were trying to figure out the required level of nicotine and the proper means of vaping it. Yet I left the store with a vaping package that seemed to work well, and apart from a single evening of smoking one or two days later due to the fact that I had actually completely forgotten about my vaping, I managed to switch to vaping from smoking completely.