ICOM IC-211e

The ICOM IC211e is an all-mode transceiver for 2 meters.

The ICOM IC-211E all-mode transceiver for 2 meters. Credits: Picture from PigPix.

The ICOM IC-211e was my first all-mode transceiver; I bought it from Wim pa0whz. Since I remember the price still in Dutch Guilders (750), it must have been the early nineties?

Sadly, Wim whz passed away in 2019, but I remember him vividly…

I’ve used the IC-211e for many years, first as a standalone transceiver, but later more as a back end for various transverters. I just loved the ease of use of it, its clever dial system with brake, its LED segments. It was a bit deaf, but that was not so hard to overcome.

Unfortunately, I ran into multiple problems with the transceiver, including instability of the PLL (which was housed in a separate metal enclosure). All of these problems could have been solved, but the IC-211e is very maintenance unfriendly. (That was before I encountered some HP instruments…)

Anyway, around 2019 I removed the inner boards and ditched them. I do, however, still own the beautiful enclosure.

In 2021, I also removed all my past documentation; mostly related to mods, repairs, RF interconnection (AGC) and measurement campaigns.

What remained is available here.