AMAS-MIDI RS-232 MIDI Interface

The AMAS-MIDI was a homebrew RS-232 MIDI Interface. I designed and built one in the early nineties and used it for many years.

The transmit data coming in on the single RS-232 connector was buffered, level-converted and sent to four MIDI OUT connectors on the back of the unit. The receive data sent to the RS-232 connector was selectable from two pairs of MIDI IN/THROUGH connectors, also on the rear of the unit. Finally, the unit featured three activity LEDs and a power button.

The unit had been originally designed for use with my Amiga-500. Its design was a spin-off of a larger project also including circuits for interfacing with the sampling circuit on the Amiga-500.

Note: Documentation on this project is still available, including the full circuit diagram, see Projects.

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