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On [20240204], I reorganized the area around Trapkast and Woonkamer [NW] in terms of ICT and Studio.

There were a couple of things that needed to be done like dismantling rush.jdj, fixing IR trouble and restoring USB connectivity in Woonkamer [NW] so that I could use my wireless keyboard and mouse again with mmc2.jdj (without having to open the door to Trapkast).

It all sounded simple and a one-hour jobbie, but I spent the entire day working on this, and some more days on updating the documentation. First, the cabling was in much worse shape than I had anticipated. Second, for no obvious reason, I decided to move mmc2.jdj from Trapkast to the Closet in Woonkamer [NW]. Third, I restored and tested the HDMI Connection to the Beamer [from mmc2.jdj]. Fourth, I installed nous-20.jdj for power measurement of Music – Studio Zone – SZ-WK-N – Woonkamer N. Fifth, I removed all cables and gadgets that were no longer in use (like the Imperial Bart 1 [unit 02]) or no longer functional (like the Marmitek Invisible Control – IR Extender for the Denon AVR-1713 [avr.jdj]).

I ended up with a much simplified yet highly functional Music – Studio Zone – SZ-WK-N – Woonkamer N and only lost IR Remote Control for the Denon AVR-1713 [avr.jdj], but that was broken on the Denon anyways.

After getting everything to work in Music – Studio Zone – SZ-WK-N – Woonkamer N I decided to take all the time I needed for updating relevant documentation. I more or less finished this on [20240206].

The changes affected:

In a bit more detail [20240204 unless noted]:


Note: The [local] photos are stored under Music – Studio Zone – SZ-WK-N – Woonkamer N.

[20240204 – 12:39:02]Woonkamer [NW] – Situation Overview.
[20240204 – 12:39:06]Woonkamer [NW] – Situation Overview.
[20240204 – 12:39:10]Woonkamer [NW] – Situation Overview.
[20240204 – 12:39:17]Woonkamer [NW] – Situation Overview.
[20240204 – 14:31:02]Woonkamer [NW] – At this point I reorganized the cabling.
[20240204 – 14:31:07]Woonkamer [NW] – Situation Overview.
[20240204 – 14:48:39]Woonkamer [NW] – Situation Overview. At this point the Closets are back in place.
[20240204 – 15:09:57]Woonkamer [NW] – Situation Overview. The Denon AVR-1713 [avr.jdj] on the middle shelf and mmc2.jdj on the bottom shelf.
[20240204 – 16:10:49]Trapkast – Situation Overview. Noteworthy is the absence of mmc2.jdj.
[20240204 – 16:11:04]Trapkast – Situation Overview. At this point I fixed the cabling on this end.
[20240204 – 16:25:00]Trapkast – Situation Overview. Finished with everything back in place.
[20240204 – 16:36:38]Trapkast – Situation Overview. Well, this shows the ceiling of the Trapkast. Fixing this will be a project in the very near future.
[20240204 – 16:43:24]Woonkamer [NW] – Situation Overview.
[20240205 – 11:48:56]Trapkast – Situation Overview. The Garpex HDMI Female – HDMI Female Adapter put into place.
[20240205 – 11:50:23]Woonkamer [NW] – Situation Overview. Testing the Beamer.