ICT – Blog – [20231110] – Decommissioning adc.jdj

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Today, I decommissioned adc.jdj:

  • I removed the NFS Client and AutoFS functionality; emptied /etc/auto.master.d/ and stopped/disabled autofs.service. Removed the appropriate mount points in /mnt.
  • I moved its st Internal Data Volume to muffin.jdj. (This is also the machine that directly connects to the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6.)
  • I removed the backup infrastructure [scripts in /root/ and CRON entries in /etc/cron.daily/]. I double-checked the remaining contents on adc.jdj that could require backing up, but I found nothing.
  • I removed the NFS Server functionality; stopped/disabled nfs-server.service, removed entries in /etc/fstab; emptied /etc/exports; removed recursively /nfs4exports.

Being decommissioned means that the machine is still available in case of an emergency for SSH Login or even [remote] NIS Login with a GUI. Also, Internet Access should still work. However, all access to other site-wide resources is gone, and no data is backed up anymore.

The machine will be disposed of likely before [20231231]; its hardware might be used to replace gw.jdj.