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From the moment I first heard this song, I have been totally hooked to the funky guitar riff that starts the song. I’m pretty sure I recorded the album from Ko (thanks!) somewhere back in 1986.

Since [20230617], I play the intro on (e.g.) my brand new Fender Stratocaster in order to practice playing “funky”. (Playing more rhythm and more funky is one of the main reasons for buying the Strat in the first place.) The timing and percussive elements in the playing are challenging enough for me. Also, smoothly sliding into the G triad in time needs more work on my side.

Anyways, the structure of the guitar riff is (for educational purposes only):

  • In the first bar: Slide into a G triad (I) on strings 2-3-4 fret 12 (sliding in from fret 11). Note that this is a 5-r-3 triad. Then go to sus4 by adding the C on the 2nd string (5-r-4). Play the sus4 twice.
  • In the second bar: Repeat the slide into the G triad on the 12th fret, but now move to a D triad (V) from there, again on strings 2-3-4 (frets 10-11-12, respectively). Play the D triad (r-3-5) once, then add the sixth of the D triad on the 2nd string (the B) and play that chord once (r-3-6). Then return once more to the D triad, before repeating the first bar.