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A song I wrote and recorded for my dearest girl friend HH aka Mien while things were not going very well between us, or shortly thereafter…

This was the first song I ever wrote, performed and produced. I used Rosegarden, Hydrogen and Ardour. Unfortunately, the Hydrogen project files were lost, leaving only the audio stem tracks.


This song and its execution are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND. In non-legal terms [and without any legal warranty]: You may share but not modify the work, and you should give me credits if you share the work (though I probably won’t check or sue).



  • [Ardour] [Rosegarden]
  • My initial attempt at the song; merely being a collection of tracks. Opening the original project in Ardour initially failed, but I managed to fix the XML file on [20230527] (it needed some tweaking in the TempoMap section).
  • The two Rosegarden projects (which I can still load) are from [20190111] and [20190122]; the second one most likely being used in the final version of the song (though not in this version). The first version, i.e., from [20190111], showcases a totally different construction of the song. Interesting in itself, but not used in the version of the song.
  • The audio stem tracks in the Ardour project date between [20190117] and [20190121] and do not contain samples yet from the Rosegarden projects. There are quite a few more audio stem tracks than are used in Ardour; apparently due to track deletion.
  • Also the project does not contain MIDI stem tracks.
  • The Ardour project’s sample rate was 44.1 kHz (later changed to 48 kHz in the Second-48k version).
  • This version was not really mixed down and mastered. It is clearly just a collection of (first) attempts at recording guitar (and bass). It is interesting though to hear the solos change towards the final song structure.
  • [none]


  • [Ardour] [flac 20190122 20:44] [flac 20190122 23:09]
  • The second and more or less final version of the song; now at 48 KHz sample rate.
  • The audio stem tracks were taken between [20190121] and [20190123], although the only tracks recorded on that last day have (luckily) not been used in the final version.
  • Note the absence of fading in/out in this version.
  • The project does not contain MIDI stem tracks.
  • Multiband EQ (by Steve Harris) [LV1] on “Rh Guitar”; Fedora package: ladspa-swh-plugins. Note: The plugin was placed after the Fader. Settings:
  • Multiband EQ (by Steve Harris) [LV1] on “Solo Guitar 1”; Fedora package: ladspa-swh-plugins. Note: The plugin was placed after the Fader. Settings:


  • [Ardour] [flac] [mp3]
  • The third and final version of the song was created by simply taking the FLAC export of the previous version and adding in/out fading, ID3 tagging and MP3 export to it.
  • The files were exported (and released soon after that) on [20210714] (almost 2 1/2 years after finishing the basic song; something must have kept me…).
  • For tagging, I used EasyTAG.
  • [none]



  • [20230526]: After installing the required plugin, the Second-48k and Third-FromFlac versions still load with full functionality in Ardour 7.4.0 running Fedora 38 on zappa.jdj.
  • [20230527]: I recovered the Ardour project for First for Ardour 7.4.0, and for the moment finished this page.


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