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This page lists the software I use for (Linux) Studio Audio.

Important Note: This page and its descendants are mainly for personal use, i.e., for getting a personal view on the software I use and need to install on new Fedora-based Audio Workstations.

If you want to know more on [FOSS] Professional Audio on Linux, I highly recommend the YouTube/unfa channel.


  • [20230528] Today, I pretty much finished my inventory of Music software on my main Studio client, viz., zappa.jdj, the result of which is shown below.

Linux Audio

This section lists core Linux audio frameworks and system setup.

Audio Frameworks

System Setup

  • Create ‘audio’ group and become a member [link]
  • Set limits for ‘audio’ group [link]
  • Configure Jack when using Pipewire [link]


This section lists the RPM repositories (Fedora-based) required to install most if not all of the software described on this page.


  • Crocell – The Crocell Drum Kit for DrumGizmo

Audio Players

This section lists Audio Players I use most in the context of Studio Audio. Note that through the past years or even decades, I’ve used and still use many other players as well, mostly in the context of Entertainment / Multi-Media; I just happen to have converged to the following list for use with Studio Audio.

DAWs, Sequencers, Effects

This section lists Digital Audio Workstations, Sequencers and Effects/Effect Racks that I use most.

Music Notation

This section lists software I use for music notation.

Virtual Keyboards and Controllers

This section lists virtual (MIDI) keyboards and controllers I use.

Plugin Types

This section lists audio plugin types I use currently or have used in the past.

  • Current
  • Obsolete
    • LADSPA – Linux Audio Developer’s Simple Plugin API
    • LV1LADSPA Version 1
    • DSSI – Disposable Soft Synth Interface

[Ardour] Plugins

This section lists audio plugins I use currently or have used in the past.

Synths and SoundFonts

This section lists software synthesizers and soundfonts I use.


This section lists the drumkits I use.


This section lists the network-related software for audio/studio purposes.

PulseAudio Tools

This section lists tools and utilities for PulseAudio.

Jack Tools

This section lists tools and utilities for Jack.

PipeWire Tools

This section lists tools and utilities for PipeWire.


This section lists miscellaneous audio/studio software.

Device Specific

This section lists device-specific audio/studio software.


This section lists archived audio/studio software.