Today, I enlisted in an Army (again)…

Proud to Serve

Today, I proudly enlisted in the TimeGhost Army as a TG ARMY SPECIALIST. Ready to serve…

Please visit and outrank me!

The TimeGhost Army, credits:

Never Forget


I have a web site with a certificate donc je suis…

[20210127] Introduction

Well, looks like today I finally managed to bring a domain/linode/Fedora33/Apache/SSL/Wordpress combo online for


The Construction in a Nutshell

  • I own about a dozen domain names registered at I registered these domains (over a period of five years or so) for one of the following reasons:
    • For professional use: I put some professional software in open source (github/Maven Central), and this required, at least in my particular case, ownership of a domain like
    • For hobby/professional use: I needed a domain that would allow me to easily deploy semi-professional software, notably for audio/music and HAM like
    • For my children: The domains were registered simply to avoid third-parties hijacking their domains.
    • For myself: Since I’m not on Facebook, I needed a real domain to just vomit my thoughts and this is it,